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Your adventure first begins in a smaller room. Objects are not where they belong. Your task is to put them back in their right place as soon as possible. Make sure you don't get caught, otherwise that's it.

Controls on keyboard:

WASD - Movement
Left mouse - Camera
E/LMB - Interaction
C - Crawl
F - Flashlight
ESC - Quit
M - Back to menu
R - Retry

Controls on gamepad:

LS - Movement
RS - Camera
A - Interaction
B - Crawl
X - Flashlight
Select - Quit
Start - Back to menu
B - Retry


Milmalissa - Digital Art

manio - Music & Sound Producer

Paul - Programming

ThePeat- Programming

Foreign Assets

Font - https://www.fontspace.com/graffiti-paint-brush-font-f6255


Win64Build.zip (Original) 48 MB


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Schöne Idee und gutes Gameplay. Daraus könnte was werden! Ich hätte gerne noch ein paar Levels gespielt ;)